Monday, February 1, 2010

Home in a Binder

this is my brain.
this is my brain, on binders.

These two? They are my go-to-gals. Harmony the Household binder and Clutch Cooking binder, are what they are known as around here. I know you are thinking that binders are so third grade, but hang with me here. Even though there are no 8o's unicorns or neon radio-active cats adorning these, each hold a wealth of vital information. Information that is in one place, travel friendly, and organized!

Cooking binders are self-explanatory. You can make your sections as specific or broad as you would like. The tabs that are hidden are on mine are "Slow Cooker" and "To Try". Any recipe that I find online/magazine/or written immediately goes into a plastic sleeve and will either become a permanent fixture among those most used or tossed. The tabs used are from Post It . These work the best for me, because they are easy to write on, durable, and easily removed and moved again. The Household binder is a little more complicated and will take a few tries to get all the sections specific to your own families needs. Mine goes as follows~

Spiral Notebook:
- Specific area to keep on going lists/notes, in one place

-Emergency, Doctors, Utilities, Neighbors, Family, Community, Frequently Used Numbers
-Print out on how to do CPR and give first aid

-Checklists, Cleaning Charts, Grocery Checklists
-Google Maps printed/frequently used
-Birthday and Anniversary List (along with cards waiting to be sent that month-stamped & addressed)

-Photos to file
-Information on vacations to be taken

-Shot Records
-Insurance Information

- Coupons
-Receipts waiting to be filed

-Craft Ideas
- Brochures for things to do

-Handouts from kids classroom

-Devotions printed from Proverbs31

-Scraps of paper that I can't seem to part with yet.

My other binders are on topics that I find interesting - Seasonal Crafts, Party Planning, Home Organization.

Mine are no where near where I would like to them to be- pretty and uniform. Yet, they work for me at this season of my life.

These also would make practical gifts for a new bride, mom, or cook. I have also heard of mothers who are having their daughters make household binders while still at home. So, in the future when they are the home managers their "books" will already be established.

Here are some links to checklists and additional information on homemade "binder books".

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