Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Homemade Thank You Card

Here's a fun and different way to say or spell out Thank You to your friends and family!
  • The first step is to make sure that you have an editing program or two, on your computer. I use Picasa through Google and Photoscape. They are both free and user friendly.
  • Then, grab your subjects. My participants were more than willing to stay perfectly still for the shoot, which included quite a few "do overs". We had fun with it. I would let them see each letter after they finished and oooh and ahhhh over it. ( This could have also been used as a wonderful teaching tool. Making your body into the different letters of the alphabet, printing and having them spell different words. )Don't worry about it being perfect just have them contort and get creative with the lettering! Spell your word out one letter at a time. I did this by having them lay on the floor while I was standing on our bed looking down.
  • Upload your "people letters" onto the computer and then open up Picasa. They have an option on the toolbar that says "Create" and then go down to "Picture Collage".
  • Take each individual "letter" photo and put it into the program's collage. Play with the spacing and other options till you get it how you like it and then SAVE.
  • Once it is saved. I exported the now "Thank You" grouped lettering out of Picasa, and into Photoscape. Once in Photoscape, click on Editing. Find your saved picture that you exported out of Picasa, then start editing. I made this one black and white so you couldn't see how all over the carpet they were, and how the lighting was always different. Made a black border around the photo. And added individual letters to each of the "people letter" panels. Viola! It was done! Almost....
  • Finding a deal on and getting shipping free. I made them into Photocards and wrote "Thank You" at the bottom.

A classic project that will involve the kids in the thanking process and make for a fun afternoon! :)

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