Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hot Pink Organization

Once upon a time, my husband and I were watching TV approx two years ago, flipping through the channels and came to HSN. They were advertising organizational products and I made him stay, and watch what soon-to-be product I could not live without. I'm pretty sure that he had been in the dog house for something, and was trying to make up for it. So, he stayed and watched. If not for those turn of events I would not be the proud owner of this.....

What you don't have one?

I was further sold by the fact that I had stayed overnight, in college at an American Eagle, helping them redo their store layout. Many, many shirts had to be folded quickly, uniformly, and efficiently and a similar product was used.
BUT, lets please not mention the fact that my organizing style is to hang up clothes on hangers rather than fold items. I don't like to fold things-not tshirts or jeans. My whole closet only has a couple of things that are on shelves. So, this product only gets to come out for special occasions.

Here are some sweaters that desperately needed some order when I was reorganizing my closet. And with the help of my hot pink folding tool. They were done before I could say, "I'm off to see the organizing wizard."

If you don't want to pay for this little slice of folders heaven. No worries, the internet has come up with a cardboard solution for you.
In the last year I have pared down my belongings to a huge degree. But, this material item reminds me of everyday love and forgiveness (my husband was totally forgiven after buying this for me), my true passion (even though silly to most), and surrounding myself with only the things that TRULY make me smile.

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