Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When Your Life as a Mom Needs to Reboot.

  • Stop. Have a quiet time with God. Tell Him how you feel. Print off devotions that focus on the areas you feel stressed. Write down Scripture that lets you see the bigger picture.

  • Make lists. Lots of lists. Dump your brain onto paper. Clutter can be just as hazardous in your head, as in your house.

  • Buy in bulk. Less trips to the store. More time with family.
  • Meal Plan. Helps you to be fully there with your family, instead of fretting about dinner time.

  • Get kids to help with chores. They are following you around all day anyways, might as well put them to work. Make chore charts.

  • Quit for a season. Recycling. Playdates. Blogging. Volunteering. Cooking from Scratch. Anything that takes away your focus from getting back on track.

  • Be a mom to yourself. Nag. Sometimes it's the only way you'll listen to you. "Go to bed early! Or I will ground you from LOST!"

  • Exercise. Hello, Yoga.

  • Have an accountability partner. Dear ____, Today during nap time I did devotions, drank 4 sexy glasses of water, and did yoga. You would have been extra proud of my warrior stance. It was extra warriorry. Love, _____

  • Accept help. Super hard. But worth it.

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