Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wine Bottle Candle Holders- DIY Valentines Day Craft

I saw a version of these in a magazine and had a crafty crush.

All I had to pick up were the candles.

The rest is...
-wrapping paper
-"bling" stickers

I used left over wrapping paper from Christmas to fit around the bottle.

Attaching it with double sided tape and glueing the ribbons on snug was the most difficult part.

The bling stickers were spaced evenly along the candle.

The candle I broke in half, because of its height. Then wedged it into the bottles opening.

This would be oh so romantic on a table set for Valentine's Day dinner!


  1. Very nice! You did a good job. I'm sure if I tried this, it would not look nearly as neat. I once tried a Martha Stewart thing that involved gluing ribbon around a flower pot -- it looked horrific.

  2. Thanks! You know, I feel the same way about cooking. No matter how easy someone says a recipe is I will always find a way to make it taste less than appealing! :)