Saturday, January 2, 2010

Crafty Organization

No, this isn't a wardrobe and it doesn't lead to Craft Narnia.

But what it does show is the biggest challenge when trying to organize craft supplies. That is finding a spot that they can all call "home". It is hard to start a project and be running to and fro remembering where scissors, stickers, or paint brushes were last seen. Like all things, craft supplies are no different and need designated areas to be returned after use.

Here, is the inside of my creative-pit-stop. This is an entertainment center turned craft hub. The plastic storage shelves are from Target. An important thing to remember when organizing crafts is being able to transfer supplies easily to different project. So, the shelves each have lids and are meant to be taken out to a work surface. Some of my catagories are Scraps, Regular Scrapbook Paper, Beads/Buttons, Cardmaking/Stamps, Foam Stickers, and Ribbons.

The other white turntable storage holder can be picked up and holds every pen, marker, paint brush, pencil, scissor, tape, glue and little supplies needed on the go!

So, wherever your craft supplies find to call "home" just remember labels, togetherness, and easy portability are keys to happy crafting.



**Wow, I just learned about the "Preview" button! Makes it quite a bit easier to see what's going on :) Gatta get used to this bloggin' world.

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