Saturday, January 16, 2010

Library Trippin'

I had some free time to do as I pleased yesterday and got to go to the library (by myself)! Yes, it really is my happy place. I think for me, at least, I am a gatherer by nature. And if you give me a card to swipe and no limit to the things I can "buy". Well, then my inner desires are satisified. (Until garage sale season picks up again.)

These magazines were free for the taking and take them I did. They are wonderful to browse, tear out ideas, and file into binder books.

For my son, who is catching on quickly to reading I got him some more challenging first level chapter books. Two teaching books. One that I have heard frequently about is "Teach Your Children to Read in 100 Easy Lessons". Plus, "More Than Counting" , which illustrates how to make your own math related board games with kids. I also got some French Flashcards in which we have not been using the French nouns at all. However, I did find a website that we will enjoy. Learning at this age is new and exciting. I hope that I can give them every opportunity to learn about the world around them, near and far. Plus, who doesn't want to know how to say scarecrow in French?

My real reason for going was to pick up the book "In the Defense of Food." Our family has been ordering organic vegetable delivery to our house every Friday. So, the amount of greens in our house has gone from canned peas to fresh broccoli, spinach, and green beans (eating enough fruit around here never seems to be an issue). The whole process is amazing. And couldn't have come at a better time when reading a book whose primary purpose is to educate and defend WHY we should be eating primarily fruit and vegetables! I will let you know how I enjoy the book...and my fresh ginger.

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