Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Some tips on how to have a homemade fourth birthday party.

Printed off the Internet "dinosaur footprints." Cut them out of green card stock and used clear packing tape to stick them to the doors and floor. The kids drew lines on old boxes and I pasted on pretend ivy leaves with crepe paper.

The footprints lead down the hall and up the wall. Fun facts about dinosaurs were posted on construction paper on the wall.

Place settings were made from this website (which I altered just a bit).

My son's birthday is in November. Let me say that there is nothing dinosaur related in the Dollar Store at that season. The best time to look is in September/October. I found these reusable bags in the dollar bins at Target during that time. Also, the Dollar store had mini dinosaur egg excavating kits, coloring books, and crayons. To add a touch of personalization I printed off a certificate with the child's name that said they did "dino-mite" job at the party. The hats came from Michael's and I wrote each of their names in black marker.

I had around the house some soft foam-like poster board that I made into a dinosaur. Then out of the extra pieces made his tail(s). I drew dots and Happy Birthday (his name) on an extra white shirt of his. The tail pieces all had the kids names and whomever got the closest, got to unlock the birthday treat (cupcakes)!
As a side note, my four year old would not have anything to do with a game that made you cover your eyes and be in the dark (even for the sake of birthday fun.)

The decorations were mainly library books borrowed a few days before his birthday and I also had some fake ivy to put around the windows.
Printing out pictures and placing them around the house is a tradition I have come to love too.

The cupcakes had fake mini-dinosaurs that I got with a coupon from Michael's too. The best part is that he still plays with these all the time!
I wasn't sure if going to all this trouble would be worth it. But, let me say they only ask for a Dinosaur or/Kitty Kat/or Elmo birthday once. Go wild with it, make it handmade and personal, and enjoy the magic of birthdays!

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