Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let Me Count the Ways....Worksheets

I once asked a teacher, who is a friend of mine, what her kids struggle with the most in third grade. She quickly answered, "counting money and making change." Well, no surprise there! I can barely function adding and subtracting coins in my own head.
So, wanting to get my son more comfortable around coins and numbers I turned to the Internet for resources. I was not disappointed! I found this website comprised of all kinds of homeschooling worksheets. Donna Young is the creator, and she has a numerous list of different subjects and age appropriate worksheets!
Here are the worksheets I printed out, about coins. Having them laminated at a Teaching Supply store (not UPS, they are very pricey to laminate! I found out that the hard way.) These were only $1.30 at the Teaching Store and will last forever.

I cut out the ones that I am going to use as flashcards, and the rest are ready for an erasable marker!

Oh, Internet let me count the ways I love thee free and abundant resources!

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