Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finding joy in the little things

I'm still frequently surprised by things we discover about our home. We've lived here for less than a year and we're still finding all sorts of things. We had no idea that the big tree in our back yard was a pear tree until we saw all the pears.

This weekend we worked in our yard for hours. I usually use a hose at the front of our house to water the plants and fill my watering can. Yesterday Flannel Man pointed out a hose in the very back part of the garden, which meant hauling the watering can a much shorter distance.

I went to use the hose and found this beautiful hummingbird faucet attached to the hose. Even while covered with sweat and bug bites I was simply delighted. It was such a simple thing, but I love it and the best part was the fact that it was so unexpected.

I hope all of you find something unexpected that gives you joy this week.

Photo by moi.

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! How beautiful! If you ever move, you should leave something this intentionally lovely for the next owners to find! What a treasure! :) I love you!