Friday, April 16, 2010

On the mend

Mending always sounded like such a menial task to me. It’s one that I associated with elderly ladies with nothing else to do. I also thought it would be hard. Instead, I’ve found that I’m perfectly capable of mending simple holes and replacing runaway buttons.

I’ve found that the most important thing is to have all of your tools in one location. I found this little sewing kit marked 75% off at a fabric store and snatched it up. For a couple bucks I now have a central location for all things sewing related. I can take a favorite pair of PJ pants, one of Flannel Man’s flannel shirts and one of my button-up work shirts (sans a button) and fix all of them while watching Cary Grant speed talk Rosalind Russell back into love in His Girl Friday.

In the matter of an hour or so I've given each of these items at least one more year of life. In doing so I've put off the need to buy more stuff.

P.S. Most of my thread came from a little box I bought at Goodwill. I found the wooden cigar box for a buck and then got it home and realized it was filled with a rainbow of thread spools!

Photos by moi.

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