Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mission: Organize Your Beauty Routine

What does your beauty routine look like in the mornings? Is it a struggle to find just what you need that day? Or is your process streamlined? Here is a peek into my morning ritual.....

The first thing was truly parring down my makeup collection to the things that I use everyday. The rest was put into a box in the closet with the "night-time" makeup like fake eyelashes, eyeliner, and fancier eyeshadow. I was then able to choose a container to hold all my other products.
This bin is made out of the material of a tent. It easily wipes down if there is a mess and I don't have to worry about water spilling on it from the sink. Adding a white container that comes from a plain set at the store and an old makeup bag everything is contained. Lotion and makeup remover go into the black bag. Add a mirror to the bin and you have a portable beauty "shelf".

Everyday I take out the bin from underneath the sink and use it on the counter. I usually blow dry my hair right after I do my makeup. So for me it makes sense to just leave the hairdryer on top of the makeup container, thrown right in. Easy clean up and no extra storage needed!

For hair accessories I needed to find something that had lots of little storage areas. This one is perfect for under a sink or in a shelf. On top of this sits a simple wire raised shelf. This storage container hold my hair products and headbands.

Adding the ever useful 3M hooks to the side of the sink door makes use of wasted space by hanging hairbrushes!

And there it is. A way to keep your bathroom and self put together, and ready for the day ahead!

(Hot pink organizer optional :) )

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