Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eco Easter Crafts

We made two free crafts this Easter week. One being the Resurrection Eggs and then what I like to call the "Eco-Easter" bunny.

This is a wonderful way to make the story more hands on for the kids. Each part in Jesus' journey to the cross, grave, and rising again has a prop and then an explanation. We are keeping the story simple this year, because they are so young. For older ones you could go further in-depth and maybe make up your own props. This craft is free (if you have plastic eggs leftover or bought at a garage sale:) ) and will last quite a few years down the road.

However our bunnies stuffed with plastic bags will be seeing next Easter in a different way. More than likely as a trash liner in the bathroom or a reusable sack to take to Aldi's. :)

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