Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kids Springtime Lanterns

We decided our house needed a little extra punch of color for Spring, and hunted for a fun craft to incorporate into our cheerful mood. These paper lanterns fit perfectly into our decorative disposition!


  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • One plain piece of construction paper & then different colorful pieces

1.) Fold the paper in half, longways.

2.) Cut the paper into strips, being careful not to cut the paper all the way through. Look at those mad cutting skills!!

3.) Open folded paper. Cut long colorful strips of paper-enough to weave all the way across.

4.) Admire work. Have adult tell you how you are so stinkin' good at weaving! If you are four years old, ask adult what "weaving" means.

5.) Fold paper together, into lantern shape.
6.) Tape
7.) Add last long colorful piece to top to make a handle.

8.) Hang lanterns from kitchen table with friend bird--hatched from recycled CD's & lots of glue.

9.) Proudly gaze at your new additions, and then swiftly run outside to swing in the warm Spring breeze!

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