Friday, April 9, 2010

Expiration Dates for Beauty Products

Real Simple recently gave a complete list of the expiration dates for beauty products here. I'm always suspicious of these lists. I wonder if that's really how long they last or if it's just a ploy to get consumers to buy more make-up. The fact that it was in Real Simple makes me trust it a bit more.

I think I have mascara tubes that date back to high school. In fact I'm pretty sure I have items that are past their alleged expiration date in almost all of these categories. How frequently do you all replace your make-up?

REAL SIMPLE's suggested expiration dates:

Anti-aging and acne treatments: Three months to a year. Antioxidants are easily oxidized, so be on the lookout for any changes in color.

Body lotion: Two to three years, particularly if it’s in a pump container.

Shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel: About three years.

Bath oil: One year.

Sunscreen: Check the package for an expiration date.

Mascara and liquid eyeliner: Three to four months. Make sure you’re diligent about replacing these items to prevent contamination and infections.

Eye and lip pencils: Three to five years. Sharpen them before each use as a way to preserve them and keep them clean.

Lipstick and lip gloss: Two to three years.

Foundation: About two years. Most bottles are designed to last that long. And if you don’t use it, chances are you didn’t love it to begin with.

Perfume: About two years. To get more mileage out of a perfume, resist the temptation to display a pretty bottle on your vanity. Instead, stash it away in a cool, dark place.

Nail polish: One year.

Hairstyling products: Three to five years. Most are alcohol-based, which helps preserve the formula.

Bar soap: Up to three years.

Shaving cream: About two years.

Deodorant: Up to two years.

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