Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garbage Disposal + Plunger

Last night sometime before getting dinner started, and after lunch my kitchen's plumbing had a major meltdown. I'm pretty sure it was the carrot peelings that looked something like party streamers going down the drain that morning. The garbage disposal was spinning, but nothing was going down, including the water. After finding the reset button & fiddling with the special tool, I was sure that I was going to have make a call. But I had one last hope before shelling out $75 plus..........the Google search.

Which led me to this website. Seriously, there are a hundred testimonials of using a plunger to unclog the sink. These people don't lie. So, there's me going to town on my sink, plunging like a mad woman. And guess what. It worked like a charm! Therefore, today I am thankful for plungers and very heavy duty soap to clean up after said plunger! :)


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