Sunday, March 21, 2010

Got Swagbucks?

The new to do in search engines is searching while purchasing, Swagbucks that is. For every few searches that you choose Swagbucks as your search engine you will earn points. As these points accumulate you will be able to cash them in for various prizes. Prizes that could range from a new phone to gift cards. I personally, have had no spam or any reason to be suspicious of the operation. I have read that it uses Google and results. Normally, I do go to Swagbucks for my first look into a search, but do not find the results typical of the ones Google brings.

- Download the toolbar. I find that if it is almost effortless, I will use it every time. (Download it and I will come. )
- Go back and forth between Google and Swagbucks. They then reward you even more for coming back to use their site. (They heart you!)
- Promote others to use their services. You get a bonus if others sign up, because of you. (Sign up here! That's about as far as my link to the company goes. )
- When the disaster in Haiti happened, I was able to donate my Swagbucks towards the relief effort.
- They really only reward you for the first 20 or so times you use the search. After that you are just using it cause you think it makes you have SWAG.
- The cons, just like other sites I don't know how much power this search engine has over tracking your searches. I would recommend not relying on it for everything, but using it as a fun way to earn extras.

Hope your searches today are Swagalicious!

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