Monday, March 29, 2010

Garlic Solutions

Flannel Man and I have figured out that we love to use garlic when we cook. The only problem with this is that I feel like my hands reek of garlic for days afterwards. So I started making the rounds online looking for a solution. I read about lemons and saunas and all sorts of stuff, but one thing stood out.

I read over and over again that rubbing your hands on a bar of stainless steel under running water would do the trick, (they also said a stainless steel knife would work, but I would lose a finger trying that.)

So Flannel Man works with metal and he made me a bar. I've tried it and found that it definitely helps. I can still smell the garlic, but it's really faint, nothing like what it was before. So it works for me. Have you guys found any better solutions?

Photo by moi.

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