Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garden Beginnings

This morning I woke up with a stomach virus. So, there's not much going on around the house today, inside or out. But in my head I am gearing up for gardening season. Pondering what to plant, where, and how much (not eating it though, that thought makes me nauseous). Last year I had a selection of tomatoes (Roma, Regular and Cherry), zucchinis, hot peppers, green peppers, zinnias, basil, and a tiny amount of cilantro and and lots of baby sunflowers. This coming year I would like to do cherry and regular tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, peas, spinach, a few zinnias, baby sunflowers, basil, lavender (tea garden?), oregano (pizza garden?), and maybe onions.

Here are just a few sites that I have been looking over the last few days doing my "dirty" homework.

I always use rubber gloves to wash dishes as I do most by hand, they are a must. But the longer they are worn the more leaks and grubbier they get. Setting my older pair by the trash can imagining how I could up-cycle them I came up "empty handed". Later, searching for my gardening tools in the garage, that is a HUGE wintery mess, I couldn't find the box. So, I walked by those gloves two or three times before having a Cinderella moment with them. Slipping them on they fit perfectly (as most gardening gloves do not on small hands), they were easily washable, and they went up high on my arm! Perfect for diggin in the dirt! The tiny holes that were there when washing the dishes did not let any of the dirt in, and did I mention they are pink? Well, pink and brown now.

So, whether you are an expert, a beginner (like me), or just an indoor plant person. There is always going to be a teachable or new learning experience when dealing with plants. They seem to plant the seed of wonder and allow everyone to grow, if only in character.

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