Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Reusable" Resolutions for 2010

1.) Hang clothes to air dry. Use dryer only on "no heat" for 10 minutes.
2.) Use cloth towels instead of disposable. No paper plates.
3.) More plants in house.
4.) Must remember cloth bags at grocery and ALL stores!
5.) Make own deodrant with baking soda.
6.) Buy natural toothpaste.
7.) Kids and I only using "natural" shampoo.
8.) Recycle paper/glass/plastic.
9.) Garden 2009, Garden in 2010 - want more herbs! Try canning or freezing.
10.) Use cloth pads.
11.) Buy used before new - think more before buying (even second hand), ask others if they have extra first, maybe could barter or trade?
12.) Try and buy more gifts on Etsy or make gifts.
13.) Build up presents for kids and adults at low prices throughout the year at garage sales/stores.
14.) Make natural cleaning supplies.
15.) Buy laundry detergent online.
16.) Compost
17.) Use Mineral "Organic" makeup, as old runs out.
18.) Use essential oils to make my own perfume.

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