Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gifts for Christmas and Beyond!

I LOVE giving gifts. I LOVE giving frugal, practical, and creative gifts! So, here are some ideas for others for the upcoming Christmas season.....

1.) Passions.

Cleaning? (Yes, for some cleaning is a passion! ) A recipe for a homemade cleaning solution. Cost: Bottle and Ribbon @ Target $1.oo bins.

2.) Recent Developments surrounding that persons life.
Did they recently lose a job? Gift cards might be a fun splurge on things that they can no longer afford. Gain a job? A new eco-friendly lunchbox and water bottle might be useful.

(A Starbucks gift card sits in a smaller sized version of Martha's Tissue Paper Decorations to look like flowers. The stems are made out of green pipe cleaners. The butterfly is holding on with a white pipe cleaner taped to the body. I made this for a birthday. Could easily be adapted to Christmas! Cost: $2.00 for tissue paper and then card amount)

3.) Every Thingamagig.
Go the sentimental route.

(This was made from the site Wordle. Just put in all your adjectives describing a person, print, and frame. If giving one to your husband....First, you need to google "How to spell Nurture" and then if you accidentally spell it wrong on your gift, google "How to lie to your husband and tell him that the word nuture is French for "looks good naked". Cost: $4.00 for frame or spray paint old one)

4.) Elderly.
Mini teapots? Nah. Socks? Nah. Personalized car mats? Maybe. But a more practical gift would be a basket of snacks.

(Popcorn never tasted so good with a toddlers poem on the front of a wrapped popcorn box! Cost: $2.00 for popcorn)

5.) Children.
This is the easiest of them all! You just need to step out of the box, or maybe just back in it. Because boy are boxes cool! Seriously, kids don't need much, just a little creativity from adults.

(Brooms got at a local store with additions of stickers and their names written with puffy paint! "Helping" never looked so fun! Cost: Brooms $4.00)

(This is a gift that children of all ages can enjoy. Ask for or take a picture of all of your friends/family members. So, that they can become "dolls" on your fridge! I did it at a recent party taking pictures of grandparents and friends alike. This picture must be full length, head to toes. They will say you are weird. You will say what's weird about sticking you on the fridge for my children to play with? They will be confused by this, and you must hurry and take the picture at this moment. )

-cut out the person from your photo.
-go to have it laminated or do it yourself.
-take a strip of magnet paper (I got from Michael's) and stick on the little photo person
-snip around them. Tadaaa!

-stick them on your fridge and behold the adventures they will have!
Cost: $6.00 with coupon for magnets, laminate $3.00 @ Teacher store, photos printed Free with new membership to online photo website- makes multiple gifts!)

**What is your most creative, fun, weird, wacky gift to give?**

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