Friday, December 11, 2009

Wall of Frames

I turned one wall in the guest room into a huge collage of frames.
I've blurred the pics in the frames for the sake of my family and friends.

It was yellow before we painted it, so it looks completely different now. I love having all the frames, even the ones that don't match, mixed together on one wall.

I started with one frame centered in the middle of the wall and just worked my way out from there. I knew I wanted a diamond shape and just kept moving the different sized frames around until it worked. You can pick up a set of frames that match in a variety of sizes for around $20 from Target or Kohls.

I also repainted a few old plastic frames I had (with the same brown paint as the bedside table) and just hung those near the top and it worked great.

Photos by moi.

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