Thursday, December 10, 2009

House vs. Home

I've lived the better part of the last decade in a long string of dorm rooms and apartments. So as a brand new homeowner the idea of hosting a Christmas party is both exciting and daunting.

Flannel Man (as my husband will henceforth be known on this blog) and I decided we were big kids now and we'd host a holiday open house (or rather I decided and he grudgingly agreed). Thus began my frantic scramble to get my new house in order.

I do well with deadlines and so the house, which we have only lived in for two months now, quickly became a home. After our October wedding we buckled down and finished painting and moved in the major furniture. Then we hung stuff on the walls and found out that we needed a million little things we hadn't thought of, (I use the term "need" very loosely here).

So here's a quick before and after of our guest bedroom. If you can't tell, the original colors in the room were powder blue and yellow. Now it's a bright turquoise, a color that people see and say, "Oh, well that's blue," in an effort to say something nice even though they don't like it.

We used a cheap duvet to cover our old comforter. I painted an ugly nightstand brown to make it less offensive. Flannel man managed to make a lampshade that I like work on a lamp that had a hideous country chic shade with some serious soldering magic. I put a tree decal on the wall to add a decoration that people don't have to worry about knocking down if they are sleeping in the bed. I'm loving the result.

More pics to come, but for now I'm off to get all Martha-Stewarty on some holiday party decorations.

Photos by moi.

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