Monday, December 21, 2009

DIY: Doily Luminaries

I originally got the idea to make these Doily Luminary bags from Martha Stewart. My best friend and I made them for my wedding, but it ended up being too light outside to see them well. So I saved them and now, a few months later, they were perfect for lining the path to our house for a holiday house warming party.

We started with simple white luminary bags and paper doilies. You can get those at any craft store. Then we tried to use a hot glue gun, but that wasn't working so well, so we ended up using double-sided tape.

By the time we had made about 10 bags we were getting a little creative. We cut the doilies in half or fourths and used just the edges to line the bags. We also tried cutting patterns and initials into the doilies before taping them in.

When finished the bags create a lacy effect that looks great. You can use regular tea lights or the flameless kind, though the real ones have a better glow.

Fill the bottom of the bags with about 2 cups of sand or kitty litter. I used kitty litter so when I was done with it I could pour it into two containers which Flannel Man and I can put in our trunks. Kitty litter is perfect for emergency car kits because it can be used to create traction if you are stuck in an icy rut.

Photos by moi.

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