Monday, August 2, 2010


(My favorite travel companion)

This weekend Flannel Man and I are off on a new adventure. We have a blast traveling over the past decade and always try to make it to some new place each year. Whether we're road tripping or flying about, one of the most important aspects of the trip is the luggage we take. It has the power to be an unobtrusive element or a stress-inducing hazard.

I've backpacked through Europe a few times and I've made some huge luggage mistakes. The first time I ever went I had a romantic notion that taking my Grandma's old leather suitcase that I had recently inherited would be sweet. I could not have been more wrong. Though the suitcase was small, it had no wheels and when you're sprinting through JFK airport to catch a connecting flight, there's nothing more awkward than trying to carry a leather suitcase.

(My bag with the front backpack removed)

Since then I've tried a dozen wheeled bags or backpacks, but it wasn't until Flannel Man let me pick my dream bag for Christmas one year that I found the perfect one. I got the Victorinox E-Motion 360 Degree 26" Trek Pack Plus™ Wheeled Backpack with Docking Daypack and it has been the perfect bag. It's been through a dozen countries and various states with me and has stood up to just about anything. It easily converts into a backpack, but also has an extendable handle and wheels.

No matter what kind of bag you get make sure you do your research and pick something that fulfills your travel needs. It should have good zippers and be made of a durable material. Read reviews of the products and pay attention to the sizes listed.

Happy travels!

Photos by moi.

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