Friday, May 7, 2010

Practicing Independence

"We must support as much as possible the child's desire for activity; not wait on him, but educate him to be independent." - Maria Montessori

Having the plates and food already prepped, ready for my helpers.

It was the two year olds task to take crackers and transfer them to red plates. Next came the meat that was already pulled into pieces & she put it on top of the crackers. Some for her, & some for her brother's plate.

Meanwhile it was my four year olds job to slice the cheese. Take the pieces and place them on the crackers. Make drinks. Carry plates outside where the picnic awaits.

"A child is an eager observer and is particularly attracted by the actions of adults and wants to imitate them. In this regard an adult can have a kind of mission. He can be an inspiration for the child's actions, a kind of open book wherein a child can learn to direct his own movements."
- Maria Montessori

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