Saturday, September 4, 2010


Flannel Man told me about a new iPhone app that's fantastic. I don't know about you guys, but my wallet is full of membership cards. Some are for restaurants I rarely go to, others are for grocery stores or pharmacies. They add up fast and my wallet has been needing to go on a diet because of them.

CardStar is the perfect solution! It's a free app (woo hoo!) and it allows you to put in all of the membership numbers listed on your cards. Then it creates individual barcodes that can be scanned, directly from your phone, for each card. Above is an example of how my CVS card looks on the iPhone screen.

Above is a picture of the screen that lists the cards I've put in. Yesterday I tried my CVS barcode and it worked perfectly, but the one for my library card didn't work. If you decide to use this I'd keep all of your membership cards with you until you have a chance to try out the phone barcode version. Still, pretty helpful even if it only allows you to get rid of a few of the cards!

Photos by moi.

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